Drug Related Deaths

An inexhaustive list of notable drug-related deaths, as curated on Wikipedia.

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Cause of death
Year of Death
Rashad HardenAccidental overdose of heroin, cocaine, and alprazolam.Disc Jockey201435[192]
Peaches GeldofHeroin overdose.Actress201425[170]
Dave BrockieHeroin overdoseMusician (Gwar)201451[66]
Philip Seymour HoffmanHeroin overdose.Actor201447[217]
Lisa Robin KellyMultiple drug intoxicationActress201343[254]
Barnaby JackCocaine and prescription drugs.Hacker, security expert201336[235]
Jeff HannemanCirrhosis due to alcoholism.Musician (Slayer)201349[189]
Chris KellyFatal overdose, cocaine and heroinRapper (Kris Kross)201335[253]
Cory MonteithMixed drug toxicity including heroin and alcohol.Actor, musician201331[323]
Amy TryonOxycodone, diphenhydramine, alprazolam, lorazepam, diazepam and temazepam overdose. Accidental.Equestrian201242[456]
Jovan BelcherSelf-inflicted gunshot wound after murdering girlfriend Kasandra Perkins. Belcher was found to have a blood alcohol level of .17, double the legal limit where he died.American football player201225[35]
Whitney HoustonAccidental drowning, due to atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use. Toxicology reports showed the acute presence of cocaine indicating use prior to death, as well as sub-therapeutic levels of Benadryl, Flexeril, and Xanax.Singer, actress201249[225]
Thomas KinkadeAcute ethanol and diazepam intoxication.Painter201254[261]
Leslie CarterWhile not attributing a cause of death, a police incident report stated Carter had suffered an overdose and was taking the prescription medications olanzapine, cyclobenzaprine and alprazolam.Singer201226[81]
Michael Carl BazeCocaine and oxymorphone overdose. Accidental.Jockey201124[31]
Carl StevenHeroin overdose.Actor201137[433]
Ryan DunnCar crash. Dunn had a blood alcohol level of 0.196%, more than twice the legal limit where he was killed.Actor, stunt man201134[138]
Mikey WelshSuspected drug overdose.Musician (Weezer)201140[483]
Derek BoogaardToxic mix of alcohol and oxycodone. Accidental.Ice hockey player201129[57]
Jani LaneAlcohol poisoning.Singer-songwriter (Warrant)201147[270]
Amy WinehouseAlcohol poisoning.Singer-songwriter201128[492]
Mike StarrSuspected drug overdose.Musician (Alice in Chains)201145[429]
Big GeorgeHeart attack after mephedrone use.Presenter, broadcaster201154[44]
Sebastian HorsleyHeroin and cocaine overdose.Artist201048[224]
Greg GiraldoOverdose of prescription medication. Accidental.Comedian201045[175]
Chris KanyonAntidepressants overdose. Suicide.Wrestler201040[250]
Jay ReatardCocaine toxicity with alcohol as a contributing factor.Musician201030[376]
Luna VachonOverdose of oxycodone and benzodiazepines. Accidental.Wrestler201048[468]
Erica BlasbergAsphyxiation and toxic levels of "butalbital, temazepam, alprazolam, codeine, hydrocodone, and tramadol." Suicide.Golfer201026[52]
George HickenlooperOxymorphone and alcohol overdose. Accidental.Documentary filmmaker201047[212]
Andy IronsCardiac arrest. His autopsy lists secondary cause of death as "acute mixed drug ingestion." Traces of cocaine, methamphetamine, alprazolam and methadone were found in his system.Surfer201032[233]
EyedeaUnspecified opiate toxicity. Ruled accidental.Rapper201029[145]
Lance McNaughtIntoxication from mixed drugs complicated a cardiomyopathy. Accidental.Wrestler201029[314]
Paul GrayMorphine and fentanyl overdose. Accidental.Musician (Slipknot)201038[178]
Jennifer Lyn JacksonHeroin overdose.Playboy Playmate201041[236]
Adam GoldsteinOverdose of cocaine, levamisole, oxycodone, hydrocodone, lorazepam, clonazepam, alprazolam and diphenhydramine. Accidental.Disc Jockey200936[177]
Billy MaysHeart disease with cocaine use being a "contributory cause."Salesperson200951[303]
UmagaAcute toxicity due to combined effects of hydrocodone, carisoprodol, and diazepam. Accidental.Wrestler200936[465]
TestOxycodone overdose. Accidental.Wrestler200934[447]
Brittany MurphyCombination of pneumonia, an iron deficiency and "multiple drug intoxication."Actress200932[334]
Vic ChesnuttOverdose of prescription medication. Suicide.Musician200945[85]
Filip NikolicHeart attack induced by sleeping pills.Singer200935[337]
Jane Aiken HodgeUnspecified drug overdose. Suicide.Writer200992[215]
Jay BennettFentanyl overdose. Accidental.Guitarist (Wilco)200946[38]
James Owen SullivanAcute polydrug intoxication due to combined effects of oxycodone, oxymorphone, diazepam, nordiazepam and ethanol.Musician (Avenged Sevenfold)200928[437]
Dash SnowHeroin overdose.Artist200928[421]
Jesse MahelonaMotor-vehicle collision. Malehona was under the influence of alcohol.American football player200926[295]
Michael JacksonCardiac arrest. His personal physician administered a lethal dose of propofol along with lorazepam, diazepam and midazolam. His death was ruled as homicide.Pop singer200951[237]
Danny GansPrescription hydromorphone use combined with pre-existing heart condition. Accidental.Impressionist, entertainer200953[163]
Erin SpanevelloOverdose of MDMA and GHB.Model200821[424]
Steve FoleyUnspecified drug overdose. Accidental.Drummer200849[153]
Chantal SébirePentobarbital overdose. Euthanasia.Teacher200853[407]
Natasha CollinsCocaine overdose. Accidental.Actress200835[93]
Gidget GeinHeroin overdose.Musician (Marilyn Manson)200839[168]
MissyUnspecified prescription drug overdose. Accidental.Pornographic actress200841[321]
Chase TatumApparent drug overdose following years of addiction to painkillers.Former wrestler200835[443]
Bruce Edwards IvinsTylenol overdose.Microbiologist200862[234]
Brad RenfroHeroin and morphine overdose.Actor200826[383]
Thierry de la VillehuchetSwallowed sleeping pills and slit his left arm. Suicide.Businessman200865[119]
Heath LedgerCombined drug intoxication of oxycodone, hydrocodone, alprazolam, diazepam, temazepam and doxylamine. Accidental.Actor200829[271]
Sonja SavićUnspecified drug overdose.Actress200847[399]
Christopher BowmanOverdose. Traces of cocaine, Valium, alcohol and cannabis were found in his blood. Accidental.Former ice skater200841[59]
Gary FrischJumped from a balcony while under the influence of ketamine. Officially ruled as misadventure.Website founder200738[161]
Anna Nicole SmithLethal combination of chloral hydrate and various benzodiazepines.Playboy playmate, model200740[419]
Lisa MatsumotoMotor-vehicle collision. Matsumoto's blood alcohol level was .242, more than 3 times the legal limit.Children's author200743[301]
Theresa DuncanCombined ingestion of Tylenol PM and alcohol. Suicide.Video game designer200741[137]
Bob CollinsPrescription drug and alcohol overdose. Suicide.Politician200761[92]
Haley PaigeMethadone overdose. Possibly suicide.Pornographic actress200726[350]
Pimp CRespiratory depression due to an accidental overdose of promethazine and codeine mixed with a pre-existing medical condition, sleep apnea.Rapper200734[361]
Count Gottfried von BismarckCocaine and morphine overdose.Aristocrat200745[49]
Bam Bam BigelowOverdose. Lethal levels of cocaine and an anxiolytic drug were found in his blood.Wrestler200746[46]
Katy FrenchBrain damage most likely caused by cocaine use.Model, socialite200724[158]
Sally ClarkAlcohol poisoning.Solicitor200743[87]
Big MoeHeart attack with Purple Drank as a contributing factor.Rapper200733[45]
Chris MainwaringCocaine overdose. Accidental.Australian football player200742[292]
Kevin DuBrowCocaine overdose. Accidental.Singer (Quiet Riot)200752[65]
Ike TurnerCocaine overdose with high blood pressure and emphysema as contributing factors.Musician, producer200776[459]
Sherri MartelOverdose of multiple, including high amounts of oxycodone. Accidental.Wrestler200749[298]
Brian AdamsPainkiller overdose. Accidental.Wrestler200744[4]
Ashleigh Aston MooreAlleged drug overdose.Actress200726[326]
Gary PrimichAcute heroin intoxication.Singer200749[369]
Daniel SmithCardiac dysrhythmia caused by combination of methadone, Lexapro and Zoloft.Student200620[420]
Steve RogersLethal combination of antidepressants and alcohol. Accidental.Rugby league player200652[386]
Harold HunterCocaine-induced heart attack.Skateboarder, actor200632[229]
Elisabeth Rivers-BulkeleyBarbiturate overdose. Euthanasia.Stock-broker200682[382]
Gerald LevertAcute intoxication of Percocet, Vicodin, Darvocet, Xanax and two antihistamines. Accidental.Singer200640[273]
Bibek MaitraUnspecified drug overdose.Politician2006[294]
Dorothy UhnakUnspecified drug overdose. Suicide.Author200676[464]
Chris PennEnlarged heart through drug use and a high level of codeine.Actor200641[355]
Paul DeMayoHeroin overdose.Former bodybuilder200538[120]
Mitch HedbergCocaine and heroin overdose.Comedian200537[203]
Malcolm HardeeDrowned after he fell into the water whilst drunk.Comedian200555[191]
Karen LancaumeTemazepam overdose. Suicide.Pornographic actress200532[268]
Eddie GuerreroHeart disease, complicated by an enlarged heart resulting from a history of anabolic steroid use.Wrestler200538[181]
Domino HarveyFentanyl overdose.Bounty hunter200536[196]
George BestLung infection and multiple organ failure brought on by long-term alcoholism.Football player200559[40]
Chloe JonesPrescription drug overdose. Accidental.Pornographic actress200530[243]
Ol' Dirty BastardOverdose of cocaine and tramadol. Accidental.Rapper200436[346]
Kiki DjanAIDS and narcotic-related complications.Musician200447[124]
Marco PantaniCerebral and pulmonary edema potentially brought on by "tranquilizers, antidepressants and sedatives against a background of prolonged cocaine abuse."Cyclist200434[351]
Ken CaminitiCocaine and opiate overdose.Former baseball player.200441[76]
Robert QuineHeroin overdose. Suicide.Guitarist200462[372]
Robert PastorelliHeroin overdose.Actor200450[352]
Jonathan Drummond-WebbUnspecified prescription drug overdose. Suicide.Pediatric heart surgeon200445[133]
Brenda FassieInitial press reports cited complications of asthma attack while a later autopsy mentioned "cocaine overdose."Singer200440[149]
Eric DouglasAcute intoxication by the effects of alcohol, tranquilizers and painkillers.Comedian200446[129]
Miss ElizabethAcute toxicity. Autopsy revealed pain killers, nausea medication and tranquilizers were found in her blood along with an alcohol level of 0.29.Wrestling manager200343[320]
Trevor GoddardOverdose of heroin, cocaine, Valium and Vicodin. Accidental.Actor200341[174]
Curt HennigCocaine overdose.Wrestler200345[208]
Crash HollyCarisoprodol and alcohol intoxication. Suicide.Wrestler200332[220]
Howie EpsteinSuspected drug overdose. It was reported he took heroin and prescription drugs shortly before his death.Musician (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)200348[144]
Noel ReddingShock hemorrhage due to esophageal varices in reaction to cirrhosis of the liver with alcohol as a contributing factor.Musician200358[377]
Anthony DuranteFentanyl overdose.Wrestler200336[139]
Bobby HatfieldCocaine-induced heart attack.Musician (The Righteous Brothers)200363[198]
David KellyConsumed around 30 dextropropoxyphene pills. Disputed suicide.Weapons expert200359[257]
Tim HemensleyHeroin overdose.Musician (GOD)200331[205]
Steve BechlerHeatstroke. The coroner indicated that "the toxicity of ephedra played a significant role" among many factors in contributing to his death.Baseball pitcher200324[33]
Brandon VedasMultiple drug overdose, including alcohol, cannabis, psilocybin mushroom, clonazepam, temazepam, methadone, hydrocodone and propanolol.Computer expert200322[470]
Paige SummersCodeine and oxycodone overdose.Pornographic actress200327[438]
Elisa BridgesAcute intoxication by the combined effects of heroin, methamphetamine, meperidine and alprazolam.Model200229[62]
Ted DemmeHeart attack. Cocaine was found in his system which the coroner stated may have been a factor in his death. Accidental.Director200239[121]
Lucy GrealyHeroin overdose.Poet200239[179]
Nancy CrickOverdose of Nembutal. Euthanasia.Euthanasia activist200270[102]
Robbin CrosbyReported causes of his death include heroin overdose, [103] [104] and AIDS-related complications, [105] [106] which he admitted to contracting from shooting drugs. [107]Musician (Ratt)200243[103]
Dianne BrimbleCombination of gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) and alcohol.Mother200242[64]
Layne StaleyCocaine, heroin and codeine overdose.Musician (Alice in Chains)200235[428]
Catya SassoonHydromorphone and cocaine overdose.Model, actress200234[398]
Kevyn AucoinKidney and liver failure due to Tylenol toxicity as a result of a prescription painkiller addiction.Photographer, make-up artist200240[22]
Dee Dee RamoneHeroin overdose.Musician (Ramones)200251[375]
Darrell PorterCocaine overdose.Baseball catcher200250[366]
Glenn QuinnUnspecified drug overdose. Accidental.Actor200232[373]
John EntwistleCocaine-induced heart attack.Musician (The Who)200258[142]
Jennifer SymeCrashed her car while under the influence of cocaine, clonazepam and cyclobenzaprine.Actress200129[440]
Carl CrackOverdose. Alcohol and unspecified pills were found in his stomach.Musician (Atari Teenage Riot)200130[98]
Hank the Angry Drunken DwarfAdvanced alcoholism and a seizure disorder, complicated by a genetic condition.Entertainer200139[187]
Leila PahlaviSecobarbital overdose. Found to have five times the lethal amount in her system. Traces of a non-lethal amount of cocaine was also found in the bloodstream. Suicide or accidental death though is debated.Princess, model200131[349]
Paul VaessenUnspecified drug overdose.Former footballer200140[469]
Matthew AnsaraHeroin overdose. Accidental.Actor200136[15]
Megan ConnollyHeroin overdose.Actress200127[96]
Lani O'GradyMultiple drug intoxication. Vicodin and Prozac were found in her bloodstream.Actress200147[340]
Stuart AdamsonHanged himself under the influence of alcohol.Musician (Big Country)200143[6]
Bobby Duncum Jr.Prescription painkiller overdose. Accidental.Wrestler200035[135]
Phil KatzAcute pancreatic bleeding caused by chronic alcoholism.Computer programmer200038[252]
Lolo FerrariOverdose of prescribed antidepressant drugs.Pornographic actress200037[150]
Rachel WhitearHeroin overdose. Accidental.Student200021[494]
Deborah LaakeOverdose of unspecified pills. Suicide.Writer200047[264]
Rosemarie FranklandUnspecified prescription drug overdose. Suicide.Actress200057[156]
Chris AntleySevere blunt trauma. The coroner's report concluded that Antley had died of a multiple drug overdose and the injuries were likely related to a fall caused by the drugs.Jockey200034[16]
Christopher PettietUnspecified drug overdose. Accidental.Actor200024[356]
Paula YatesHeroin overdose. Accidental.TV presenter, author200041[502]
DJ ScrewOverdose of codeine and other drugs. Accidental.Musician200029[123]
Jon VincentHeroin overdose.Pornographic actor200038[474]
Stephen McKeagCocaine and pain killer overdose.Ulster Defence Association member200030[312]
Enrique UrquijoUnspecified drug overdose.Singer199939[467]
Dana PlatoVanadom and Lortab overdose. Suicide.Actress199935[363]
Howard ArkleyHeroin overdose. Accidental.Painter199948[21]
Bobby SheehanUnspecified drug overdose.Musician (Blues Traveler)199931[409]
Seán FortuneOverdose of alcohol and unspecified drugs. Suicide.Priest199945[157]
Erik BrødreskiftOverdose of unspecified pills. Suicide.Musician199930[65]
Wes BerggrenOverdose. Traces of cocaine, propoxyphene, and benzodiazepines were found in his body.Musician (Tripping Daisy)199928[39]
Robert BinghamHeroin overdose.Writer199933[47]
David McCombHeroin overdose.Musician (The Triffids)199937[308]
Zoe Tamerlis LundCocaine-induced heart attack.Model, actress199937[284]
John SaundersHeroin overdose.Musician (Mad Season)199945[397]
Frankie RuizCirrhosis of the liver due to alcoholismMusician199840[394]
Kevin LloydLloyd was three times over the legal blood alcohol limit for driving when he choked on his own vomit.Actor199849[280]
Rob PilatusPrescription drug and alcohol overdose.Musician (Milli Vanilli)199833[360]
Louie SpicolliConflicting sources indicate drug overdose [426] while some indicate coronary disease that might have been impacted by drug use. [427]Wrestler199827[426]
Rodney HarveyHeroin overdose.Actor, model199831[197]
Stu UngarHeart condition caused by long-term cocaine abuse.Poker player199845[466]
Ted BinionHeroin and Xanax overdose. Possible suicide.Gambling executive199855[48]
Trinity LorenPrescription painkillers overdose. Possible suicide.Pornographic actress199834[282]
Debbie LindenHeroin overdose.Model, actress199736[275]
Peter JacksonHeroin overdose.Rugby league player199733[238]
West ArkeenOpiate overdose. Accidental.Musician199737[20]
Billy MackenzieOverdose of amitriptyline, paracetamol and other prescription drugs. Suicide.Musician (Associates)199740[290]
John DoughertyHeroin overdose.Musician (Flipper)1997[128]
Chris FarleyCocaine and morphine overdose.Comedian, actor199733[146]
Michael HutchenceSelf-induced asphyxiation while under the influence of alcohol, cocaine, Prozac and other prescription drugs.Musician, singer (INXS), actor199737[230]
Kelly YeomansCo-proxamol overdose. Suicide.Student199713[503]
Clinton HainesHeroin overdose. Accidental.Computer hacker199721[182]
Ronnie ScottPrescription barbiturate overdose. Accidental.Jazz tenor saxophonist199669[403]
Margaux HemingwayPhenobarbital overdose. Disputed suicide.Actress199642[206]
John KahnHeroin overdose.Musician (Jerry Garcia Band)199649[249]
Don SimpsonCocaine-induced heart attack. Twenty other drugs were found in his blood.Film producer199653[413]
Herb AbramsCocaine-related heart attack.Wrestling promoter199642[1]
D. M. TurnerDrowned in a bathtub while under the influence of ketamine.Author199634[458]
Bradley NowellHeroin overdose.Musician (Sublime)199628[338]
Jonathan MelvoinHeroin overdose.Keyboardist199635[316]
Phyllis HymanPentobarbital and secobarbital overdose. Suicide.Singer199546[231]
Anna WoodWater intoxication secondary to use of MDMA.Student199515[500]
Dwayne GoettelHeroin overdose.Musician (Skinny Puppy)199531[176]
Michael VerMeulenCocaine overdose.Magazine editor199539[473]
Hugh O'ConnorSuicide under influence of cocaine.Actor199533[339]
Alice Ormsby-GoreHeroin overdose.Socialite199543[347]
Shannon HoonCocaine overdose.Musician, singer (Blind Melon)199528[223]
Donald SinclairBarbiturate overdose. Suicide.Veterinary surgeon199584[401]
Leah BettsExcessive water consumption exacerbated by Ecstasy causing her body to release anti-diuretic hormones.Student199518[42]
Kristen PfaffHeroin overdose.Musician (Hole)199427[357]
Eric ShowCocaine and heroin overdose.Baseball player199438[410]
Monica RoseAntidepressants and tranquilizers overdose. Suicide.TV show hostess199446[387]
Pat ScreenUnspecified drug overdose.American football player199451[404]
Kurt CobainCobain had injected himself with three times the lethal dose of heroin before he committed suicide by gunshot.Musician199427[91]
Yves NavarreBarbiturate overdose. Suicide.Writer199454[336]
Joey StefanoCocaine, morphine, heroin and ketamine overdose.Pornographic actor199426[430]
Tim CrewsCrews was legally drunk when he crashed a boat, killing himself and Steve Olin.Baseball pitcher199332[101]
Dave WaymerCocaine-induced heart attack.American football player199335[481]
River PhoenixHeroin and cocaine overdose.Actor199323[359]
James Leo HerlihyOverdose of sleeping pills. Suicide.Novelist, actor199366[209]
GG AllinHeroin overdose.Musician199337[11]
Rob JonesSources report contradictory information which include: heart problems, [244] heart attack potentially caused by heroin, [245] or simply "drug-related causes". [246]Musician (The Wonder Stuff)199329[244]
John KordicUnspecified drug overdose.Hockey player199227[263]
Rod ScurryCocaine-induced heart attack.Baseball pitcher199236[405]
Brett WhiteleyHeroin overdose.Artist199253[495]
Paul HaywardHeroin overdose.Rugby league player1992[202]
Steve ClarkLethal overdose of codeine along with Valium, morphine and alcohol at more than 3 times the legal British limit. Accidental.Musician (Def Leppard)199131[65]
David RuffinCocaine overdose.Musician (The Temptations)199150[393]
Max CantorHeroin overdose.Actor, journalist199132[78]
Johnny ThundersConflicting sources report heroin overdose [451] or methadone and cocaine poisoning [452] or that the autopsy did not disclose a cause of death. [453]Musician (New York Dolls)199139[451]
Brent MydlandCocaine and morphine overdose.Musician (Grateful Dead)199038[335]
Reinaldo ArenasOverdosage of unspecified drugs. Suicide.Poet199047[19]
Andrew WoodHeroin overdose.Singer (Mother Love Bone)199024[499]
Abbie HoffmanPhenobarbital overdose. Suicide.Political activist198953[216]
Keith WhitleyAlcohol poisoning.Singer198935[497]
John CassavetesCirrhosis of liver due to alcoholism.Writer, actor, director198960[82]
Christina OnassisPulmonary edema onset by years of prescription drug misuse. Primarily Dexedrine, diet pills and barbiturates.Heiress198838[278]
Kenneth WilliamsBarbiturate overdose. It was not possible to establish whether his death was suicide or accidental.Actor, author198862[489]
Jean-Michel BasquiatHeroin overdose.Painter198828[30]
Jesse Ed DavisHeroin overdose.Guitarist198844[117]
Chet BakerFatal fall from a balcony while under the influence of cocaine and heroin.Musician, singer198859[23]
Hillel SlovakHeroin overdose.Musician (Red Hot Chili Peppers)198826[417]
Althea FlyntDrowned in the bath after passing out due to a heroin overdose.Co-publisher of Hustler198734[152]
Paul ButterfieldDrug-related heart failure.Musician198745[72]
DalidaBarbiturate overdose. Suicide.Singer198754[113]
Dennis AllenHeart failure. "Pieces of his heart actually broke off after decades of heavy drug abuse."Drug dealer198736[10]
Linda WongOverdose of Xanax, chloral hydrate and alcohol.Pornographic actress198736[498]
Chögyam TrungpaCardiac arrest exacerbated by heavy alcohol use.Buddhist meditation master198748[455]
Walter Patrick BissellOverdose of cocaine, codeine, methadone and other drugs.Ballet dancer198730[50]
Edgar RosenbergValium overdose. Suicide.Film and television producer198762[389]
Mike Von ErichTranquilizer overdose. Suicide.Wrestler198723[476]
Joyce JamesonOverdose of unspecified pills. Suicide.Actress198755[239]
Gia CarangiAIDS-related complications contracted through intravenous heroin abuse.Model198626[80]
Richard ManuelSuicide by hanging. Manuel was drunk when he committed suicide and also had traces of cocaine in his body.Singer, musician198643[297]
Gino HernandezCocaine overdose.Wrestler198629[211]
Phil LynottConflicting sources report various causes of death, including: heart and liver failure, [287] heart failure and pneumonia after a drug overdose, [288] and blood poisoning from heroin addiction. [289]Musician (Thin Lizzy)198637[287]
Len BiasCocaine overdose. Accidental.Basketball player198623[43]
Don RogersCocaine-induced heart attack.American football player198624[385]
Gary HoltonHeroin overdose.Actor, musician198533[221]
The Singing NunOverdose of barbiturates and alcohol. Suicide.Nun198552[415]
Jackie CurtisHeroin overdose.Actor198538[110]
Pascale OgierUnspecified drug overdose.Actress198426[345]
Richard BurtonAlcohol-related causes.Actor198459[71]
Truman CapoteLiver disease complicated by phlebitis and multiple drug intoxication.Writer198460[79]
Esther PhillipsLiver and kidney failure due to long-term drug use.Musician, singer198449[358]
Paul GardinerHeroin overdose.Musician (Tubeway Army)198426[164]
Pete FarndonPassed out in his bath due to a heroin overdose and subsequently drowned.Musician (The Pretenders)198331[147]
Arthur KoestlerSleeping pill overdose. Suicide.Author198378[262]
James HaydenHeroin overdose.Actor198330[200]
James Honeyman-ScottCocaine-induced heart attack.Musician (the Pretenders)198226[222]
Tom BakerHeroin overdose.Actor198242[25]
Elis ReginaCocaine, alcohol, and temazepam overdose. Accidental.Singer198237[380]
John BelushiSpeedball. Accidental.Actor, comedian198233[37]
Vivien MerchantAlcoholism. The coroner stated Merchant "drank herself to death."Actress198253[317]
Lester BangsOverdose of Darvon, Valium and NyQuil.Music critic, musician198234[26]
Rainer Werner FassbinderCocaine overdose. Possible suicide.Playwright, director198237[148]
Mike BloomfieldUnspecified drug overdose.Blues guitarist198138[54]
Bon ScottOfficial cause of death listed as "acute alcohol poisoning."Musician (AC/DC)198034[402]
John BonhamChoked on his own vomit after consuming forty shots of vodka.Drummer (Led Zeppelin)198032[56]
Rachel RobertsBarbiturate overdose. Suicide.Actress198053[384]
Carl RadleKidney infection caused by alcohol and other drugs.Bass guitarist198038[374]
Darby CrashHeroin overdose. Suicide.Musician (The Germs)198022[99]
Tim HardinHeroin overdose.Musician198039[194]
Jean SebergBarbiturate and alcohol overdose. Suicide.Actress197941[406]
Jimmy McCullochHeroin overdose.Musician (Wings)197926[309]
Mary MillingtonParacetamol overdose. Suicide.Model, pornographic actress197934[319]
Judee SillCocaine and heroin overdose.Musician197935[412]
Donyale LunaUnspecified drug overdose. Accidental.Supermodel, actress197934[285]
Bernard KettlewellUnspecified drug overdose. Accidental.Lepidopterist, medical doctor197972[256]
Sid ViciousHeroin overdose. Suicide.Musician (Sex Pistols)197922[475]
Lowell GeorgeUnspecified drug overdose. Accidental.Musician (Little Feat)197934[171]
Charles BoyerSeconal overdose. Suicide.Actor197879[60]
Harold GimblettOverdose of unspecified pills.Cricketer197864[173]
Johnny O'KeefeConflicting sources indicate drug overdose, [341] [342] or simply heart attack. [343] [344]Singer197843[341]
Marguerite McNamaraSleeping pill overdose. Suicide.Actress197850[313]
Jean AmérySleeping pill overdose. Suicide.Writer197866[17]
Keith MoonOverdose on anti-seizure medication prescribed for alcoholism. Accidental.Musician (The Who)197832[324]
Jotie T'HooftUnspecified drug overdose.Poet197721[450]
Elvis PresleyCardiac arrhythmia. Autopsy founds in his system "significant" levels of ethinamate, methaqualone, codeine and different barbiturates including amobarbital, pentobarbital and phenobarbital.Singer197742[367]
Freddie PrinzeSelf-inflicted gunshot wound while under the influence of methaqualone and alcohol. Initially ruled suicide but later determined accidental.Actor197723[370]
Andrés CaicedoSecobarbital overdose. Suicide.Writer197726[74]
Howard HughesLiver failure. Physician administered an overdose of codeine at "the highest clinical level ever recorded" at the time.Aviator, engineer, industrialist, movie producer197671[227]
Tommy BolinUnspecified drug overdose.Musician (Deep Purple)197625[55]
Anissa JonesOverdose of barbiturates, cocaine, Quaaludes, and PCP. Accidental.Actress197618[241]
Sheree WintonAlcohol poisoning.Singer-songwriter197641[493]
John ThompsonOverdose of barbiturates and alcohol.Poet197638[449]
Gary ThainRespiratory failure due to heroin overdose.Musician (Uriah Heep)197527[448]
Michele GirardonOverdose of sleeping pills. Suicide.Actress197537
Tim BuckleyAcute heroin, morphine and ethanol intoxication due to inhalation and ingestion of overdose.Musician197528[70]
Pamela CoursonHeroin overdose.Retail. Wife of Jim Morrison197428[97]
Patricia CuttsBarbiturate overdose. Suicide.Actress197448[111]
Athina LivanosAcute barbiturate overdose. Debated if whether it was homicide or accidental.Heiress, socialite197445[278]
Chris DonaldHeroin overdoseMusician197425[125]
Robbie McIntoshHeroin overdose.Musician (Average White Band)197424[311]
Desmond DonnellyBarbiturate and alcohol overdose. Suicide.Politician, journalist197454[126]
Nick DrakeAntidepressant overdose. Disputed suicide.Musician197426[130]
Sid BarnesBarbiturate and bromide poisoning. Self-administered though intent could not be determined.Cricketer197357[29]
Bruce LeeAcute cerebral edema due to a reaction to compounds present in the prescription pain killing drug Equagesic.Actor, martial artist197333[272]
BarbetteUnspecified drug overdose. Suicide.Trapeze artist197374[27]
Michael DransfieldSources report conflicting causes of death, including infection related to drug use and "acute broncho-pneumonia and brain damage".Poet197325[131]
Michael CooperHeroin overdose.Photographer197332[95]
Willy ReyBarbiturate overdose.Model197324[381]
Gram ParsonsMorphine overdose.Musician (The Byrds)197327[353]
Billy MurciaContradicting sources report the death as alcohol-related, [330] or drowning [331] after a drug overdose [332] or as a drug overdose. [333]Musician (New York Dolls)197221[330]
Brian ColeHeroin overdose.Musician (The Association)197230[94]
Rory StormAlcohol and sleeping pill overdose.Musician197233[435]
George SandersNembutal overdose. Suicide.Actor197266[396]
Edie SedgwickBarbiturate and alcohol overdose. Undetermined.Actress197128[408]
Coco ChanelDied of health complications and physical exhaustion exacerbated by years of heroin and opiate abuse.Fashion designer197188[84]
Diane ArbusConsumed a number of barbiturates and then slit her wrists. Suicide.Photographer197148[18]
James MossmanSleeping pill overdose. Suicide.Journalist, former MI6 agent197145[329]
Pier AngeliBarbiturate overdose. Accidental.Actress197139[13]
Jim MorrisonOfficial cause of death is recorded as heart failure, [328] though Sam Bernett claims that Morrison died in Bernett's club, with heroin overdose as the suspected cause. [328]Musician (The Doors)197128[328]
Talitha GettyHeroin overdose.Actress197131[172]
Chester MorrisBarbiturate overdose.Actor197069[327]
Jimi HendrixRespiratory arrest caused by alcohol and barbiturate overdose and vomit inhalation.Musician197028[207]
Inger StevensBarbiturate overdose. Suicide.Actress197036[434]
Eugenia LivanosBarbiturate overdose.Wife of Stavros Niarchos197043[279]
Janis JoplinHeroin overdose.Musician197027[247]
Alan WilsonBarbiturate overdose. Manner of death determined as accidental by the Los Angeles County Coroner's office. Speculated by some to be suicide.Musician (Canned Heat)197027[491]
Asa A. AllenLiver failure due to acute alcoholism.Evangelist197059[9]
Brian JonesDrowning under the influence of alcohol and drugs.Musician (The Rolling Stones)196927[242]
Dickie PrideSleeping pill overdose.Singer196928[368]
Assia WevillSuicide by acute carbon monoxide poisoning combined with an overdosage of hypnotics. She also sedated and murdered her four-year-old daughter in this process.Poet196942[485]
Michael ReevesAlcohol and barbiturate overdose.Film director196926[378]
Jack KerouacCirrhosis, caused by a lifetime of heavy drinking.Author196947[258]
Charmian CliftUnspecified drug overdose. Suicide.Writer196946[90]
Judy GarlandSeconal overdose. Her death certificate states the overdose was "accidental", however, there was speculation it was intentional.Singer, actress196947[165]
Tony HancockLethal mixture of amphetamines and liquor. Suicide.Actor196844[190]
GribouilleA lethal combination of medication and alcohol.Singer196827[180]
Scotty BeckettSuspected overdose. Pills and a note were found next to his body. However, the coroner's report was not released.Child actor196839[32]
Frankie LymonHeroin overdose.Singer196826[286]
Nick AdamsBarbiturate overdose. Death officially certified as "accidental-suicidal and undetermined." High levels of sedatives were found in his blood.Actor196837[5]
Brian EpsteinSleeping pill overdose.Manager of The Beatles196733[143]
Kenneth HalliwellPentobarbital overdose. Suicide.Actor196741[184]
Tom SimpsonDehydration and exhaustion while cycling exacerbated by amphetamines and alcohol use.Cyclist196730[414]
Virginia HillSleeping pill overdose.Chicago Outfit courier196650[214]
Lenny BruceAcute morphine poisoning caused by an accidental overdose.Comedian196641[68]
Marie McDonaldUnspecified drug overdose.Actress196542[310]
Dorothy DandridgeOverdose of imipramine. Accidental.Actress, singer196543[116]
Lisa HowardPhenobarbital overdose. Officially listed as suicide but speculated as murder.Reporter196535[226]
Dorothy KilgallenFatal combination of alcohol and barbiturates. Whether it was suicide or accidental is undetermined.Journalist196552[260]
Warren TartagliaHeroin overdose.Jazz musician196521[442]
Lin DaiSleeping pill overdose combined with gas inhalation.Actress196430[112]
Brendan BehanDiabetes exacerbated by his refusal to stop drinking alcohol.Poet, writer196441[34]
Alan LaddOverdose of alcohol and three unspecified drugs. Accidental.Actor196451[266]
Guru DuttOverdose of sleeping pills and alcohol.Actor196439[140]
Thalia MassieBarbiturate overdose.Wife196352[300]
Michael HolidayUnspecified drug overdose. Suicide.Singer196339[219]
Sylvia PlathSuicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. Plath was reportedly suffering the adverse effects of an unspecified MAOI antidepressant at the time of her death.Author, poet196331[362]
Sonny ClarkAlcohol abuse; an attempt to counteract his heroin dependency.Pianist196332[88]
Diana ChurchillBarbiturate overdose. Suicide.Naval officer196354[86]
Dinah WashingtonSecobarbital and amobarbital (Tuinal) overdose.Singer196339[480]
Stephen WardSleeping pill overdose. Officially suicide. Speculated murder.Osteopathic physician196351[479]
Eugene LipscombHeroin overdose.American football player196332[277]
Clara BlandickAcute asphyxiation in combination with overdosage of sleeping pills, most likely barbiturates. Euthanasia.Actress196282[51]
Robert SoblenBarbiturate overdose.Psychiatrist196262[422]
Patrick HamiltonCirrhosis of the liver following years of alcoholism.Writer196258[185]
Marilyn MonroeBarbiturate overdose. Officially listed as "probable suicide" though several conspiracy theories exist.Actress196236[322]
Zdenka RubinsteinSleeping pill overdose. Suicide.Operatic soprano196150[392]
Gail RussellAlcoholism.Actress196137[395]
Phyllis HaverBarbiturate overdose. Suspected suicide.Actress196061[199]
Beverly KenneyAlcohol and Seconal overdose. Suicide.Singer196028[255]
Margaret SullavanBarbiturate overdose. Suicide.Actress196051[436]
Bartley CrumWashed down an entire bottle of Seconal with whisky. Suicide.Lawyer195959[108]
Grant WithersSleeping pill overdose. Suicide.Actor195954[496]
Billie HolidayCirrhosis of the liver caused by alcoholism.Jazz singer195944[218]
Errol FlynnDied following years of heavy alcohol and drug use. Autopsy stated cause of death was "fatty degeneration of the liver, portal cirrhosis of the liver and diverticulosis of the colon."Actor195950[151]
Robin MilfordAspirin overdose. Suicide.Composer195956[318]
Helen TwelvetreesUnspecified drug overdose. Suicide.Actress195850[462]
Malcolm LowryAlcohol and barbiturates. Most likely suicide.Poet, novelist195748[283]
Joseph McCarthyHepatitis exacerbated by alcoholism.Senator195749[305]
Gertrude HullettTwice the fatal dose of sodium barbital was found in her blood.Patient of Dr. John Bodkin Adams195650[228]
Tommy DorseyChoked to death while sleeping. He was so sedated on sleeping pills that he was unable to awaken.Jazz musician195651[127]
Miroslava SternOverdose of sleeping pills. Suicide.Actress195529[432]
Dick TwardzikHeroin overdose.Jazz pianist195524[460]
Philip LoebSleeping pill overdose. Suicide.Actor195564[281]
Sybille SchmitzSleeping pill overdose. Suicide.Actress195546[400]
Ira Hayes"Drank himself to death." The Pinal County coroner concluded that Hayes' death was caused by exposure and alcohol poisoning.United States Marine195532[201]
Alan TuringCyanide poisoning. Disputed suicide.Computer scientist, mathematician195442[457]
Frida KahloOfficial cause of death listed as pulmonary embolism though modern biographers largely accept that she actually died of an unspecified opiate pain killer overdose. Suicide is disputed.Artist195447[248]
Hank WilliamsOverdose of morphine and alcohol. Accidental.Singer, writer195330[488]
Robert WalkerReaction to a sedative administered by his doctor.Actor195133[478]
Robert BarlowOverdose of barbiturates. Suicide.Author195133[28]
Cesare PaveseConsumed "twelve sachets of sleeping drugs."Poet, novelist195042[354]
William CuppySleeping pill overdose. Suicide.Literary critic194965[109]
Carole LandisSeconal overdose. Suicide.Actress194829[269]
Ellen WilkinsonBarbiturate overdose.Politician194756[487]
Aimee Semple McPhersonShock and respiratory failure due to overdose of prescription barbiturates.Evangelist194454[315]
Lupe VélezSecobarbital overdose. Suicide.Actress194436[472]
Stefan ZweigSleeping pill overdose. Suicide.Playwright194261[505]
Leonard ChadwickCombination of alcoholism and asphyxiation.Soldier194062[83]
Sigmund FreudPhysician assisted morphine overdose. Euthanasia.Psychiatrist, neurologist193983[160]
Odas MoonReportedly "drank himself to death."Pilot193745[325]
George VCocaine and morphine overdose. Euthanasia.King of Great Britain193671[169]
Marie WalcampPainkiller overdose. Suicide.Actress193642[477]
William Barnsley AllenUnspecified narcotic overdose. Accidental.Army officer193341[12]
Sara TeasdaleSleeping pill overdose. Suicide.Poet193349[445]
Alma RubensIllness caused by heroin and cocaine addiction.Actress193134[391]
Jeanne EagelsAlcohol and/or heroin abuse.Actress192939[141]
Ryūnosuke AkutagawaVeronal overdose. Suicide.Writer192735[7]
Julia BrunsAlcohol poisoning.Actress192732[69]
Gertrude BellOverdose of sleeping pills. Whether it was an accident or suicide was undetermined.Writer192658[36]
Max LinderLinder and his wife both drank Veronal, injected morphine and cut open the veins in their arms. Suicide.Actor192542[276]
Frank X. LeyendeckerHighly suspected morphine overdose. Suicide.Illustrator192447[274]
Wallace ReidPrescription morphine overdose.Actor192332[379]
Janet AchurchMorphine overdose.Actress191652[3]
Georg TraklCocaine overdose. Suicide.Poet191427[454]
Ed DelahantyDelahanty was intoxicated when he drowned in Niagara Falls. Whether he fell, jumped or was pushed is debated.Baseball player190336[118]
Jennie BosschieterOverdose of drugged liquor.Factory worker190018[58]
Willie WildeComplications related to his alcoholism.Journalist189947[486]
James Harden-HickeyMorphine overdose. Suicide.Author, adventurer189844[193]
John TyndallOverdose of chloral hydrate. Accidental.Physicist189373[463]
Royce SurdamLaudanum overdose. Accidental.Real-estate agent189156[439]
Jacques DamalaCocaine and morphine overdose.Actor188934[115]
Mattie BlaylockOpiate poisoning. Suicide.Prostitute188838[53]
Louisa May AlcottDeath commonly attributed to complications from extensive long term mercury poisoning.Author188856[8]
Ureli HillMorphine overdose. Suicide.Conductor187573[213]
Duncan Gordon BoyesDelirium tremens.Soldier186923[61]
Daniel Deniehy"Loss of blood and fits induced by habits of intemperance."Politician186537[122]
William HamiltonA severe attack of gout precipitated by excessive drinking.Physicist, astronomer, mathematician186560[186]
Elizabeth SiddalLaudanum overdose.Model, poet, artist186233[411]
Edward A. HanneganMorphine overdose.Senator185750[188]
Daniel WebsterCerebral hemorrhage caused by a blow to the head and complicated by alcohol-induced cirrhosis of the liver.Statesman185270[484]
Edgar Allan PoeCause of death disputed though largely attributed to a combination of laudanum abuse, dipsomania and delerium tremens.Poet184940[365]
Branwell BrontëTuberculosis aggravated by delerium tremens and opiate abuse.Poet, painter, writer184831[67]
Josiah LambornDelirium tremens.Attorney General184738[267]
Thomas ManbyOpium overdoseBritish naval officer183465[296]
Alvin SmithMercury(I) chloride overdose. Officially administered to cure bilious colic; speculated murder.Carpenter's assistant182325[418]
Fanny ImlayLaudanum overdose. Suicide.Wife181622[232]
SocratesHemlock poisoning. Executed.Philosopher399 BCE70[423]
PromachusAlcohol poisoning.Soldier324 BCE[371]
John MatuszakAccidental overdosage of Darvon. Additionally, a nonlethal amount of cocaine was found in the bloodstream.American football player, actor[302]
Tempe GirlCocaine overdose. Accidental.Unidentified decedent[446]
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